We believe that every girl should be able to dream as big as every boy. That every woman has the right to make a fair living for herself and her family. That nobody deserves to be held back by violence, abuse or discrimination.

I make this pledge to women and girls around the world. I will stand with Oxfam and:

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Help fund poverty-ending work with women and girls worldwide

Your gift has the power to change women's lives. You can make sure women get support to challenge the traditional roles they are expected to play, and gain the freedom to fulfil their potential. If you haven't had a chance to donate yet, why not do it now?

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Sign the inequality petition, because poor wages and cuts hit women hardest

Cuts to services like healthcare and education can mean that women take on more unpaid work, like taking care of sick relatives. And too often, women's wages don't go far enough to cover the cost of childcare. So by calling on David Cameron to step up and fight inequality, you're helping create a fairer system for women in the UK and across the world.

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Share 'Women, Know Your Limits' on Buzzfeed

The kinds of sexist, outdated views that still exist in the world are mind-blowingly ridiculous. You'll see for yourself when you read our Buzzfeed article. But as frustrating as these views are, we all need to know what we're dealing with.

Give a girl living in poverty the chance to go to school

Give Girls a Head Start, from our Oxfam Unwrapped range, is a really special gift. It helps get girls missing an education into classrooms, and it makes sure that their families, communities and governments know how important it is for them to be able stay there.

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Find out about campaigns around the world that fight injustice against women

This blog features some of the best campaigns from around the world, fighting for the rights of women and girls. Each one highlights crucial issues women face, and shows how we can play a part in ending discrimination.

Buy Fairtrade to support women farmers and food producers

Buying a Fairtrade gift from our shop will help women around the world to make a decent living. Your purchase supports women like Esperanza, a coffee producer from Honduras, who is learning how to boost her crops, market her coffee and increase her income.

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See the Women Unlimited photography exhibition

Women Unlimited showcases inspirational stories of women from across the globe, as captured by four leading female Magnum photographers. On from 8-11 March at the Old Truman Brewery in east London - it's one not to miss.

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Share Ipaishe's incredible story

The Oxfam team in Zimbabwe have known Ipaishe for several years. She defied the expectations of her community, going from farmer to climate campaigner, to taking on the world's most powerful political leaders. Reading her story will leave you in no doubt of the power of women to end poverty.